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  1. Download the .net class library
  2. Add reference to dll to your project
  3. Use JavApi

How to start

  1. Have the right skills...
    • You like Java!
    • You can code Java like semi prof or better.
      If you are a Java newbie, using .net API directly isn't a bad idea .
    • You can code a .net language like newbie or better.
      C# is my favorite.
  2. Important steps...
    • Import System...
    • and Java extensions methods are a available.
    • Import JavApi as java!
    • using java = biz.ritter.javapi;
    • Take a look to biz.ritter.javapi.dotnet package and subpackages. This containts some help for you!
  3. Take a look to samples...

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